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Our Story

An idea born out of experience.

Our Experience

We are a seasoned team combining decades of experience building, leading and investing in major finance and IT businesses in the
Fortune 500 and start-up environments. With a long track record of financing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs),
we understand many of the challenges these businesses face –  constantly managing costs and scarce resources, but still requiring a
comprehensive data-driven view of the business in order to make timely and informed decisions.

The Challenge

In many cases SMEs, cannot justify the expense of hiring dedicated Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) or
Business Analysts and often outsource their accounting work. Additionally, most SMEs do not have sufficient technical resources
available to deploy and maintain in-house business intelligence (BI) tools and cannot afford to hire external resources and system
integrators to deploy these systems for them.

Our Solution

We are committed to solving this challenge in a scalable and a cost-effective way. By leveraging the latest business models, advances in
cloud computing and mobile technologies, combined with a pooling of human financial expertise to support SMEs, we make it possible to
deliver full-service business intelligence capabilities at a price they can justify.

This idea became BizCoach.

BizCoach delivers affordable business intelligence, actionable insights & recommendations to SMEs globally,
strengthening a crucial component of the world’s economies.

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