What sets us apart

BizCoach Financial Analyst Support

  • Our pool of qualified financial analysts supports you, enabling enterprise-grade financial analytics support as part of our subscription service.
  • You may not need a full-time CFO or financial analysts to analyze your business – BizCoach provides analytics dashboards and visualizations as well as access our pool of financial analysts to help you uncover actionable insights in your data.
  • For BizCoach Basic subscribers, your dedicated financial analyst will prepare for and conduct a monthly review of your BizCoach dashboards, highlighting relevant trends and discrepancies requiring further attention.
  • For BizCoach Standard subscribers, in addition to a monthly review, you will have up to 5hrs per month of your dedicated financial analyst’s time to help support your financial management, analytics, performance controlling, business reporting logic and interpretation of analytics outcomes.
  • With the support of our financial analysts, we provide full-service onboarding:
    • Most self-service and enterprise business intelligence tools require companies to deploy and maintain their business intelligence systems by themselves – requiring in-house IT and financial analyst expertise or contracting expensive outside consultants to run complex and costly deployment and maintenance projects.
    • Our financial analysts drive the analytical onboarding for BizCoach, working with clients to recommend industry best practice KPIs, analytics dashboards and visualizations and to understand bespoke analytics requests.
    • Our analysts utilize our library of BizCoach Data Connectors to connect your source systems’ data to the BizCoach Analytics Database for comprehensive analytics.

BizCoach Seamlessly Creates Value across Source Systems

  • Most companies have many source systems that help them run their day-to-day business operations, but often must rely on these systems’ basic reporting capabilities or external spreadsheets to get a management view of their business
    • This is even more challenging if important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analysis is done based on data from multiple source systems.
  • The BizCoach Data Connectors and BizCoach Analytical Database enable quick and easy analysis of management data from multiple source systems through BizCoach Analytical Dashboards and Visualizations developed by our expert financial analysts to your requirements.
  • BizCoach will calculate and store KPIs and management data from multiple source systems, enabling threshold, comparative, variance and historical trend analysis across these measures.
  • With BizCoach you no longer have to develop, compile and maintain complex spreadsheets and models from multiple core systems – with data often entered by hand – to support your management reporting needs.
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