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Self-Service BI Platforms, without human expertise, are not for SMEs

Business Intelligence (BI) is basically the art of leveraging data to make better decisions in order to drive business improvements. Most big corporations have BI tools in place, IT teams to maintain them and financial analyst teams to interpret the results. Most Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford to deploy and maintain these tools, let alone have a team of financial analysts on the payroll to interpret data. It doesn’t seem fair. Why should only the large enterprises of the business world profit from insight generated BI?

Due to the time, resource, and profitability constraints that most SMEs face, very few are able to leverage the benefits of BI. Many often outsource their accounting and have no in-house CFO, or financial controllers, let alone an IT department and financial analysts available to deploy, maintain and interpret a BI system.


According to an article in Forbes, 89% of business managers believe Big Data will revolutionise the capabilities of business reporting and decision-making. Clutch states, 73% of senior executives say improving data visualizations is a strategic imperative.


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