Frequently Asked Questions

What is BizCoach?

BizCoach is a modern way of offering business intelligence, financial management tools, analytics, dashboards and visualizations to small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. Through our in-house Business Analysts, we develop tailor-made analytics and visualizations, creating insights which help decision-making processes, and ultimately improve the profitability of businesses. In addition to the initial onboarding process, our Business Analysts are available to support you on an ongoing basis. BizCoach is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which means that your BizCoach dashboards and visualizations are available over the web on any device. Read more here.

Is BizCoach for me?

Yes! Usually we find that businesses that do not have large finance teams and/or designated Chief Financial Officers (CFO) gain the most from using BizCoach. Typically, our clients only have an accounting team, which is often outsourced. Financial management resources as well as IT resources are either non-existent or stretched, leaving CEOs to focus on their markets and products without the data-driven insights they may need. This is where we come in.

BizCoach can be beneficial for most small and medium-sized businesses, across many industries. Typically, we are a good fit for businesses starting with as few as 10 employees.

What are my benefits?

BizCoach can create a wide range of benefits. Ultimately BizCoach creates insights into your business, helping you understand trends, variances. and tracking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business, so that at any point in time you know where you stand, and what you can improve. This will give you the insights to help you to increase profitability and shareholder value. There are many other benefits, including management efficiency gains since you have all relevant information in one place the way you need it, as well as the ability to look at your business from different perspectives. You do not need to spend the time yourself, or hire an additional resource to create these insights; BizCoach costs a fraction of hiring the finance and IT resources, to do the same job.

Using BizCoach will make you more efficient and confident about your business due to insights you might not have had before, which help you manage your business better, not to mention the ability to better manage your stakeholders, bankers and other lenders. Read more here.

Are you providing accounting or tax services?

No. We are not accountants or tax advisors.

Can you create a business plan for us?

No. Creating a business plan for a start-up is a big project, which should be driven by the entrepreneur.

Does BizCoach provide investment advice?

No. We are not investment advisors.

Why is BizCoach different to other self-service business intelligence tools?

There is a whole range of self-service business intelligence tools on the market. Most of them focus on large enterprises and come with huge deployment costs, which small and medium-sized companies cannot afford. Others provide visualizations of your data, but do not provide any human expert support to ensure you measure the right thing in the right way.  The BizCoach subscription offers comprehensive on-boarding services and ongoing financial expert support at an affordable price.

What are the BizCoach package options?

We offer two packages, BizCoach Basic and BizCoach Standard. If you have specific requests beyond the service level of these packages, please contact us at You can read more information regarding Packages and Pricing here.

How and when can I upgrade?

Anytime by contacting

How does BizCoach work?

Find out How BizCoach Works.

Do I need to implement a new IT system?

No, we are a cloud-based subscription service. There is no need to implement or download any software.

How do I communicate with the BizCoach team?

We are an online business, all our communication goes through tools like Skype,, Google Hangouts or on the phone.

Is cloud-based technology safe?

Yes. As cloud-based technology increasingly becomes the standard for many businesses, using a number of physical servers in different locations enables protection against data loss and the ability to access data from anywhere, on any device. Purchasing and maintaining your own servers may not provide a higher level of security since these are also exposed to the internet and you are then required to purchase and maintain the security software and protocols required to keep your data safe. Working with the best-in-class cloud-technology providers, who constantly upgrade their security infrastructure, is now recognized as a safe and secure way to procure technology services and manage your data.

Is my data safe with you?

Yes, protecting your data is our number one priority. We do this by working with the best-in-class cloud service providers and having a comprehensive cybersecurity framework as our foundation. All connections between servers are encrypted and secured with complex passwords and we use separate database instances for each client. Our employees and advisors have signed comprehensive confidentiality agreements, which are effective beyond exit of the company. Our employees have access to client data on a need-to-know basis only and nobody will ever ask you for your password. Read more here.

Will you use my data for meta-analytics?

We will use anonymized data only with a client’s consent. Anonymized industry data creates benefits for all BizCoach clients, and enables us to create industry-specific analytics including cohort analysis.

Will you use my contact details to send BizCoach and ImpalaCloud marketing material?

We will only send our marketing material to you, if you choose to opt in when signing up, you can also unsubscribe at any time.

Will you provide my contact details to anybody else for marketing purposes?


How long do I need to commit?

You commit to an initial term of 12 months that will auto renew for an additional term of 12 months. However, should you wish to terminate your subscription, you may do so by giving us 60 days’ notice in writing any time after the 10th month of the initial term.

How can I use my time with the BizCoach Business Analyst in the BizCoach Standard subscription?

Our analysts support you with questions related to financial management, financial analytics, performance controlling, development of business reporting logic and interpretation of analytics outcomes.  We are a financial management sounding board and highlight financial topics based on the data we see, but we do not make decisions for our clients. We do not provide investment advice. Our role is to help you run regular and ad-hoc analytics to gain deeper insights into your business as a support for decision-making.

Where are the BizCoach Business Analysts based?

Our whole team is based in Hong Kong.

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