We like to hear your voice! As we are developing BizCoach,
we want to ensure that we get as much input as possible to ensure that we are addressing
the most pressing issues in terms of financial management. All data will be used on an anonymized basis.
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How big is your business in terms of people (incl. freelancers)?


 More than 100
What industry are you in?

 IT/Software Development
 Professional Services

 Financial Services
 Others: please name
What type of financial management resources do you have (incl. outsourced resources)?

 Chief Financial Officer

 Tax adviser/s
 Finance Manager/s
 Others (free text)
How big is your finance team (incl. outsourced resources)?

 0 - 2
 More than 5

 2 – 5
Are you currently using a business intelligence tool?

What are the most pressing issues in terms of financial management your business faces?

 Accounting issues/resources
 Tax issues/resources
 Need for regular performance tracking such key performance indicators, dash boards etc.
 Need for financial analytics such as trend analysis, early warning mechanisms etc.
 Creating transparency through data
 Tracking of real-time data
 Budgeting/Financial Planning
 Need for business intelligence tools
 Limited financial management resources
 Management of shareholders such as board meetings, regular updates etc.
 Management of shareholders such as board meetings, regular updates etc.
 Management of bankers/other lenders
If you are interested in financial management/business intelligence services, is this an urgent need or long-term strategic consideration?

 Urgent need

 Long-term consideration
If you would not be interested in additional financial management support, what is the main reason?

 Business running smoothly
 Current accounting firm meets my needs
 Others: please name

 Security/data privacy concerns
 Not enough time to think about it
Please tell us in your own words what would help you the most in terms of financial management and how a product like BizCoach could help you and what features you would like to see?

How important is it for you to have access to a financial analyst on a regular basis?

 Not important at all
 Would be really good to have

 Somewhat important
 Really important
If regular access to a financial analyst is important to you, what benefits would you expect from this service?

Would you be ok to work with a financial analyst virtually (through communication tools such as Skype etc.)?

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

We would love to discuss more details with us, please leave your email address and phone number here:

Email Address:  

Phone Number:

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