What is BizCoach

Imagine that any company, no matter how small, can have a level of data-driven insights about their business and operating ecosystem that is sometimes not even found in large enterprises. Imagine that any business has access to technology-driven and actionable recommendations based on internal and external data sources, smart algorithms and human expertise which changes the way they do business, improves their bottom line and helps to achieve shareholder’s objectives. Imagine that these insights, powerful analytics and recommendations are provided on a real-time basis on any device and are affordable for any business.

This is BizCoach

BizCoach by ImpalaCloud is a unique B2B subscription platform based on state-of-the-art technology enhanced by pooled human expertise. This allows us to offer comprehensive business intelligence, management tools, analytics, recommendations and expert support usually only available as in-house services in large corporations. By supporting our clients with our own Business Analysts and actionable recommendations, we differentiate ourselves from the many self-service business intelligence tools available in the market. We are building a large and loyal client base for whom our services are key to successfully managing their businesses and stakeholders. Harnessing the rapid progression of data analytics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies allows us to develop the BizCoach service level and client experience continuously.

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